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Lakha golden breeder pair pigeon beautiful

The pigeon, scientifically known as Columba livia domestica, is a medium-sized bird species that is found worldwide. They possess a streamlined and graceful build, adapted for agile flight.Their plumage is predominantly a range of grey shades, with ash-grey being the most common. The neck and head often have an iridescent sheen. The chest and belly may have a lighter shade of grey, while the wings and tail can exhibit darker tones. Some pigeons may have subtle variations in color, with a few exhibiting slight patterns or markings.Pigeons have distinctive dark eyes and a beak that is typically a pale shade of grey. Their legs and feet are usually a pale pink or greyish color. They are known for their distinctive cooing calls, which can vary in tone and rhythm.These birds are highly adaptable and are often found in urban environments, perched on buildings, statues, and ledges. They are social creatures, often seen in flocks. Pigeons are known for their intelligence and have been used in various studies on animal cognition.Diet-wise, pigeons are omnivores. Their diet primarily consists of seeds and grains, but they may also consume small insects. Due to their widespread presence and ability to coexist with humans, pigeons have become one of the most familiar and studied bird species globally.Overall, the pigeon is a fascinating and versatile bird that has earned its place as an integral part of both urban and natural environments.

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