• Earn money from ads in your videos
  • We don't pay for views, we monetize ADS in your videos.
  • We pay only for advertising activity in your videos, if an advertising banner is displayed in your videos.
  • Now you can monetize all traffic, including guest traffic, all clicks from any sources and channels are taken into account. It is not necessary to be your subscriber, etc. We take into account all advertising activity.
  • Monetization statistics are updated once a day at 00:00, that's when we receive reports from advertisers and check your videos.
  • We pay for referrals $0,02 each to invite registration.

Prohibited strictly

  • Self clicking on ADS
  • Cheating referrals and fake account registrations.
  • Upload Adult / All sexual content 18+

Payments, withdraw money

  • USDT (1 day)
  • PayPal (4 days)
  • VISA/MasterCard (10 days)
  • Bank account (14 days)

How to increase the income of my channel?

  • Follow most people and they follow you.
  • Add many useful videos every day
  • Share with friends in social networks, instant messengers a link to the video
  • Invite to subscribe to your channel through a referral link
  • Leave useful comments to other members
  • Create interesting video content
  • Write a description for the video and appeal to the audience
  • Be sure to fill in the keywords/tags to the video
  • Change cover/preview for your video

Questions / Answer:

  • Definition of invalid traffic not be monetized. Invalid traffic includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Invalid traffic covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks.
  • More https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/16737?hl

  • Why in my videos no ADS running. You need to have the most views around 100+  on your video, just promote your video and check after a few hours.  Share link with your friends, post on social media, and make unique traffic. 

Why are there views and money not credited?

  • There can be many views, you do not get pay for them, you receive income from advertisers who placed a banner in your videos and there were interested clicks on them for advertising views.

Self clicking on ADS

  • Firstly, all self clicks ADS not monetized, and can block account forever. Recall or ask members in videos or comments to click ADS prohibited.

Can I post cross links on my youtube / vimeo channel etc ?

  • Yes, you can attract traffic in any way, including recommending to watch a video via a link on your channel.

Why was my channel blocked?

  • One of the most flagrant violations is adult content 18+, cheating, cheating referral users.

I can't upload thumbnails icon video

  • You can just upload image .jpeg .jpg then back to video and clear cache browser. Or press Shift + F5 refresh page.

I have a lot of views but 0.00 USD monetize, why?

  • We did not pay for views, we pay for ADS banner clicks activity in your video. More advertising clicks

Is my account banned? Can't upload videos

  • All sexual and adult content 18+ be deleted, account banned without recovery.

Why my videos can't uploaded?

  • These videos are duplicated, early uploaded on our platform. We don't accept duplicate files. 
  • We accept .mp4 format video, min duration video must be +10 second.

I don't see ADS in my videos, why?

  • Advertisers evaluate the quality and usefulness of your content, before displaying ads.
  • Advertisers check the organic traffic of your videos.

Video quality

  • Now Available 5K format and unlimited upload your videos.

I can't upload video, why?

  • Please check your internet connection, try use desktop browser Google Chrome.

My videos uploaded but not played, why?

  • You need wait a few minutes for conversion videos our servers.

How get more subscribers?

  • Promote your channel in social pages.
  • Upload videos every day then be latest in side block and have new subscribers every hour.
  • Stay with Febspot.com every day 500k users search and watch new videos every day.


  • Your income depends only on your video promotion, you must promote your channel and videos by yourself.
  • Definition of invalid traffic includes any clicks or impressions that may artificially inflate an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. Invalid traffic covers intentionally fraudulent traffic as well as accidental clicks.. Will not be monetized and account can be banned.

How deactivate my account?

  • Nothing is required from you, without activity, the account will be closed within 90 days automatically.

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